Which Treatment is right for me?
In need of a massage?
Sports Remedial Massage 45 Minutes
This massage concentrates on specific problematic areas with tight, uncomfortable muscles and stiff joints. It involves passive stretching techniques to lengthen the muscle fibers and trigger point work to reduce pain and disperse knots. It also stimulates muscle fiber rejuvenation and toxins removal from the body to aid recovery and enhance sports performance. 
Bespoke, Relaxing and Prescriptive Massage 30
This massage therapy is designed for a chance to deeply relax and for those who seek regular maintenance with extra attention given to certain problem areas. A specific treatment plan can be discussed at your consultation. 
Hot Stones Massage Therapy 90 Minutes
This is a delicious ancient practice using heated basalt stones that allow gentle, yet deeper, impact on those harder to reach muscle groups. The warmth eases away tension and soothes and lengthens the muscles that in turn ease the joints. It relaxes mind, body and soul with its ancient magic and is especially useful in the colder months as we hunch against the cold.

Chilltastic-'me'-time' Massage 1hour 30 minutes of treatments time
When the mind, body and soul are in-tune, the body is given a precious opportunity to heal itself. Take 'time out' to relax and receive some much needed gentle healing time to yourself. A nourishing mineral  foot spa awaits and a luxury foot massage to honor those poor 'soles' that work so hard for us each and every day. Followed by gentle healing hot stones therapy, guaranteed to make you feel as special as you deserve. It's not called Chilltastic -'me-time', for nothing!
Blisstastic-'me'-time ultimate package of foot spa & massage therapies with 2 Hours of treatments time
Much like the Chilltastic-'me'-time package this really is the ultimate in relaxation and a wonderful gift idea for yourself or someone you wish to treat. Starting with a choice of specialist teas whilst your feet take a nourishing minerals and bubbles foot spa; then a gorgeous foot massage; followed by a full body hot stones therapy massage and rounded off with a beautiful facelift massage - feeling safe and nurtured within this special space for a top-draw 'time out' experience.  
Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Work and Muscle Stretches Technique Massage 60 Minutes
Muscle groups have a complex interaction and can become unbalanced  through sport, hobbies, occupation, genetic disposition and life-style. Some muscles become weak while others are overworked causing a restriction to joint mobility and central core instability. This treatment therapy calls upon osteopathic and physiotherapy techniques to help release chronic patterns of muscle tension, increase oxygen and nutrients supply to muscle fibers and deep tissue and help release toxins from the body. Muscle stretching techniques also improve musculoskeletal health aiding general improvement to performance. 
Crystal Energy Massage Therapy 60 Minutes
This is a beautifully gentle healing treatment with no ill effects. Crystals work in partnership with us; to give and to take, absorb and release  precious universal energy. Using the seven Chakras of the body, our own energy 'hot spots', the crystals deliver their healing power while you enjoy a therapeutic massage at the same time. 
Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy Massage 60 Minutes - Oncology & Palliative Care
This is a very special and gentle massage suitable for those with Lymphoedema or in remission of cancer having undergone radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments and needing some recovery time; or as part of their palliative care. It is extremely useful for detoxifying the body. Lymph fluid can 'pool' through loss of mobility  or a breakdown in the lymphatic system and MLD helps disperse swelling and pain, through gentle pressure, using specialist techniques.
Natural Facelift Massage 30 minutes/60 Minutes treatment/or in combination with other therapies
This massage is a combination of eastern practices including acupressure points, sinus drainage, lymph drainage and muscle toning, giving the face a softer more youthful experience. It has a magical effect on the rest of the muscle groups throughout the body as it works along the meridian pathways. The specialist techniques are very soothing and  it is a deeply relaxing treatment to receive and one that I highly recommend, especially if a full body massage is undesirable. 
3D lipomed face and body sculpting
Please note a free consultation must take place prior to commencement of any of the below treatments
All About The Face : One-off or a recommended course of eight treatments 
One off, or top-up treatment with a bespoke facial including Radio Frequency award winning technology for a more radiant and youthful appearance. 
Chin fat removal and neck skin smoothing & firming Course 
For best results a course of six treatments including a Cryolipolysis fat removal of double chin and then skin tightening with Radio Frequency work.
Fat removal using Cryolipolysis targeting a single pocket of fat as a one-off treatment. 
This is a pain-free process and ideal where a roll of fat is evident. The full effects take around three months to achieve, when the fat has fully dispersed. The beach setting, perhaps.
Cavitation with immediate results in inch-loss
Fat removal with instant Inch loss. Either as a stand-alone treatment or as a course of eight treatment sessions and can be in combination with RF. Perfect leading up to a special occasion where time is limited.
Radio Frequency 
This is often used in combination with other treatments for a full three dimensional approach to body fat removal and skin firming improvement. This is also the most suitable treatment for a younger, smoother, more radiant looking face. Oh, yes! 
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