thehealingtouchway clinic -

 'Bramley's best kept secret...' 

thehealingtouchway clinic is known as a little gem of tranquillity with its high quality, award winning, wide range of massage therapies; beauty cosmetology treatments; and holistic wellness therapies.

Situated in the quiet setting of Bramley village, a fifteen minute drive from Basingstoke Centre, this location makes it the exact opposite to the high street, pay to park, public experience. The clinic prides itself on its exclusivity and high standard of customer care for its members; and also for its exciting and expanding range of highly sort after quality treatments. 


Our ethos is to guarantee you a warm, welcoming environment, where you have the chance to shrug-off the stresses in life and enjoy some precious and essential 'me' time, to yourself.

thehealingtouchway clinic is aptly named as the sense of touch is the prime function and through sensitive touch the magical healing of the mind, body and soul can take place.  Rest, recoup and recover, the healing touch way!


Quiet you busy mind, relax let yourself feel as special as you truly are at thehealingtouchway clinic.