Terms and Conditions of Business

1) If you set your SatNav to these coordinates you will find your way to the clinic: RG26 5AN. Please park alongside the pavement in front of the property. (It is safe to leave your car here and there are no parking restrictions.) 

It is expected that patients arrives just a few minutes ahead of their appointment time to avoid eating into their consultation, treatment time, and in order to prevent delay to the next booking appointment time. Please also be aware that the clinic is within a residential property, and that there is no waiting area for patients or their guardians/drivers. Consultation and treatment time is inclusive of appointment time, so the longest consultation time will be during the first appointment booking and longer time spent on treatment time for the following appointments.

2) Patients access including disabilities considerations: The clinic is set within a residential premises. There is a level, gravel and stepping-stones driveway from the pavement with a free parking road-side space for your visit. The level gravel driveway is  of around 12 paces to the front door where there are two steps allowing access to the premises and a small sill to step over at the threshold. The pinch-point in the hallway is 28 inches wide. There is a level passageway to the treatment room. There is a standard toilet on the ground floor as well as a standard wash-basin, with no modification applied to accommodate disabilities. Patients are expected to be able to undress and to dress themselves without assistance, as well as to be able to hop-up onto the couch with minimum support, using the hop-up stool, if helpful. Patients are expected to be able to turn themselves over, unassisted, under instruction in order to lie flat on the couch - face up and face down. The width of the bench is: 28 inches wide and 78 inches in length. It may not be suitable for very large or extremely heavy patients. 

3) Refreshments: Cold water is available during the treatment appointment time and after-care advice is given that includes encouragement to continue to hydrate after the treatment. Avoid having a heavy meal or consuming alcohol prior to arrival as well as immediately after treatment and allow for a time to rest for several hours after treatment. 

4) What to wear: It is recommended that you wear loose fitting garments that are easy to remove and replace unaided. Please advise if there are religious or personal reasons why certain items of clothing will not be removed for the treatment time.

Underpants that ensure total coverage, are a must! Please avoid wearing scented products. Please remember to leave valuables at home and avoid wearing jewelry that is difficult to take off. There is a safe place for personal items such as car-keys/purse or wallet/bags, within the clinic and within view at all times. The outer door is locked from the inside, meaning that it cannot be opened from the outside but has a quick-release handle from the inside, for speedy exit. Ensure hands and feet are clean and that you have showered or washed ahead of your treatment appointment. There is a choice of full-body covering - blanket or cotton sheet, for optimum comfort and temperature during your treatment; patients are encourage to vocalise their level of comfort preference.

5) Local Services and Local Amenities include the Bramley Bakery where refreshments and hot or cold meals can be purchased and consumed on or off the premises. There is also a 'One-Stop' Store providing snacks, drinks, newspapers and magazines within an easy walking distance from Longbridge Road. The clinic is within a short (approx. 5-8 minute) walk from the Bramley Railway Station found on the Basingstoke to Reading Service line. There is a bus stop on the Sherfield road into Bramley village for the Number 14, Basingstoke bus service, The bus stop is within a short walking distance of the clinic.https://www.stagecoachbus.com/routes/south/14/tadley-basingstoke

6) Booking Process -  A Booking on-line system with full payment can be made in advance through the booking page on this website. Should an error occur resulting in a treatment being booked that was not intended, please contact the operator to have this changed for you by phoning: 07577107798. The option to pay cash on the day of treatment must be stated as an intention and full payment will be taken during the opening consultation period of the appointment, ahead of treatment. Failure to have the correct sum of cash may result in change being available or no treatment being given. Please bring the correct amount of cash to your appointment for speed and convenience. Cheques are accepted on the day of treatment under the £50 margin and cash can be used to makeup the shortfall.

Incentives and offers: There is a £5 saving per treatment on an up-front block-bookings for 6 treatments in accordance with Option 1 and Option 2 payment plans https://www.thehealingtouchway.co.uk/plans-pricing. A loyalty card is offered where patient may wish to book once a month and receive a £10 saving on the 5th treatment as long as the bookings are each within 28 days of the previous booking. Gift cards for a chosen value can be purchased and either posted out or collected from the premises for hand delivery. https://www.thehealingtouchway.co.uk/gift-cards 'Refer a Friend' thank you gift is given by the therapist should a friend book and receive a treatment. The gift can be either a 10 minutes extra treatment time added on to your treatment or a small take-home 'thank you' gift. These offers may involve a use by expiry date.

8) Products used: These include an unscented massage wax medium (natural beeswax) for massage, as well as hand and feet sanitiser containing natural ingredient: tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, camphor oil and vitamin E. It is important to stipulate during the consultation of allergies or preferences to massage mediums to be used for Massage Therapy treatments.

9) House Pets and Noise: Please be aware that Longbridge Road is a very quiet part of Bramley Village, however it is not far from the railway line, so trains may be heard. There are also 'friendly' small dogs at the premises so it may not be suitable for patients with allergies or who may be overly anxious, to attend clinic as a result. There is a chance of noise disturbance that cannot be predicted or avoided, such as a knock at the front door, or noise from the street, a phone ringing in another room. There maybe, at times, others in the house and movements may be heard, but rest assured that the clinic area is private and undisturbed. 

10) Fire or Emergency procedure: There is a fire extinguisher within easy reach. There are three emergency exit points: the front door, the back door and the patio doors and you will be guided to the most suitable exit should an emergency occur.

11) Threatening behavior/the use of bad language/or behavior of a sexual nature are not tolerated in clinic. In these incidences a client will be asked to leave immediately, without reimbursement for any loss of treatment time. If a patient refuses to leave the premises, then the Police may become involved.  

12) Under 18 years of age: Clients under the age of 16 years old are not permitted to receive treatment in clinic. Clients between the ages of 16-18 years old may receive certain treatments but they must be accompanied by a suitable adult such as a guardian or parent. Proof of age will be requested. ie Birth certificate, Driving Licence or suitable other. Clients with babies and children with them will not be permitted for treatment.

13) Feedback:

Feedback will be asked for at the round-up chat after your treatment. Should you, upon reflection, have more to add at a later time, this can be sent in writing to the address given or submitted by email at: patriciaharbot@thehealingtouchway.co.uk

14) Complaints procedure: Complaints can be made via the postal service in writing or by email to patriciaharbot@thehealingtouchway.co.uk. Requests for refunds may be made in writing. Complaints with allegation of Professional Gross Misconduct can be raised with the Federation of Holistic Therapists addressed to: FHT 18 Shakespeare Business Centre, Hathaway Close, Eastleigh SO50 4SR.

15) Denied treatment: Please read the following carefully before booking your appointment.

In the interest of public health and the avoidance of spread of disease it is important that you are aware of the following conditions that prevent the opportunity to receive massage therapy treatments. These are referred to as contra-indications and include:

Fungal nail conditions (feet or hands). Fungal skin conditions including verrucas.

Pregnancy (all stages), postnatal mothers who are lactating or still receiving health visitors' appointment at home).

Any physical disability or restriction of any kind, in any part of the body which prevents free movement for delivering the techniques associated with massage therapy.

Infectious diseases  - the spread of bacterial and viral diseases: these include the common cold, cold sores, warts, impetigo, boils, conjunctivitis, sties, ringworm, shingles, chicken pox, diarrhea, sickness and vomiting including other symptoms that are likely to be contagious as well as 'flu-like' symptoms.

Under the influence of drugs, (recreational drugs or prescribed drugs such as strong painkillers), alcohol or other illegal substances.

Open wounds, extensive abrasions, severe bruising, bleeding moles.Sunburn, swellings or inflammation anywhere in the areas associated with receiving massage therapy.

Central Nervous System disorders such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, tremors, fits, epilepsy.

Severe dementia.

Psychological issues: panic attacks, phobias, psychosis, schizophrenia, paranoia, claustrophobia, OCD, ADHD, autism or other mental illness. Anorexia or self-harming. Suicidal thoughts.

Dizziness or fainting spells.

Trapped or pinched nerve, altered sensation anywhere in the body causing numbness, pain, tingling or reduced sensitivity.

Cardiovascular: dangerously low or high blood pressure. Palpitations, irregular heart rhythm, heart condition, circulatory issues causing blueness or lack of sensation to extremities. Varicose veins, blood clots such as thrombosis or phlebitis. Risk of stroke or have recently had a stroke. 

Bone disease: Osteoporosis, Spondylitis, Rheumatoid arthritis, widespread Osteoarthritis. 

Medical investigations pending treatment for unexplained symptoms

Head lice.

Recent Accident involving, collision, head trauma, burns, abrasions, inflammation, whiplash, concussion, bruising. 

Operation or long-term medical treatment.

History of Cancer that is shorter than the remission stage of 12 months.

16) Qualifications and Insurance; proof of relevant professional practice qualifications as well as professional practice insurance certificates are on display in the treatment clinic. The Federation of Holistic therapists membership number is also available.

17) Cancellation Policy: Please contact the clinic by phone or email if a cancellation at short notice is necessary and an alternative appointment date can be made available to you. However, we require clients to provide 24 hours' notice if an appointment must be cancelled in order to offer the designated time slot to another client. It is at the discretion of the provider if a full refund will be given.