Frequently asked Questions
'What is unique about thehealingtouchway clinic?'
It is not in a busy high-street location, but tucked away in a tranquil, quiet setting. 
You will be warmly welcomed and well looked after.
There is free, easy parking just outside the front door.
You will have the same therapist each time you visit, to ensure continuity and cut-down on client consultation time at the beginning of each visit. You will be able to grow that relationship into something meaningful and special for your selfcare.
You have your own ensuite to yourself for the entire visit, where you can change, leave your personal items, and freshen up, undisturbed.
The clinic is clean and beautifully furbished with a nurturing and decedent feel to it.
There is a fully automated electric couch to ensure maximum comfort and support, including heat pads and freshly laundered comfortable pillows and throws.

'What makes you a good Holistic Therapist?'
I am told that I have 'healing hands' hence the name of the clinic 'thehealingtouchway' and that is the gift I have been given. I am a nurturer, as I have the 'highly sensitive personality' trait which ensures that I work intuitively and empathically; with a greater holistic understanding in ways to best support and care for others.
I have many, many years of experience to draw from including therapies I leant in Australia back in the early 1990's, and love to learn new skills so that I can put togeher new and exciting pamper packages and grow a wide range of treatments in clinic. In this way I stay on my toes with new trends and keep the clinic fresh and exciting - both for me and my clients.

'What are your favourite treatments to give to clients?'
Whatever it is I am doing at that time, is my favourite treatment to give. I love my job and I love to help others feel their best. I guess massage therapies is my key role and the most regular work I do, with Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Release and Passive Stretches massage therapy being the most popular and Hot Stones Therapy coming in a close second. Beauty Cosmetology is amazing. I love looking at the 'before and after' results photos and seeing the amazement and new confidence it brings to each client. Cryolipolysis is the most popular treatment out of the range, as it is so easy and pain free for the client and the results slowly reveal themselves over the next few months. I enjoy being part of the before and after journey and sharing the client's story. I love reading the reviews and watching the transformation. Being able to fit into a smaller clothes size is always a thrill!