3D face & body sculpting - the way you want to be 

A free consultation with your therapist must be diarised ahead of any treatments undertaken


All about the Face!
Skin firming intensity technology with a natural fibroblast action that produces new collagen and elastin fibres resulting in a more youthful, plumper, firmer and awesome looking face that is all yours!
One stand-alone bespoke Radio Frequency skin tightening procedure £150
A recommended (with truly awesome results) course of 8 treatments plan for the face £768

Chin and neck work: As a one off, price upon application.
A recommended course of  treatments plan for the neck with double chin reduction  using Cryolipolysis and Radio Frequency technology price upon consultation.
Ultimate Face & Neck, and Double Chin reduction and Skin Rejuvenation
Price £960.

Glass of Milk

Roll of Fat removal - Cryolipolysis

One-off treatment dealing with a pocket of fat by chilling it: tum, bum, bat wings, muffin tops, chin etc


Double chin only £100

One large area such as lower abdomen £150

Two large areas such as lower and upper belly fat, simultaneously £240

One smaller area ie small belly fat pocket £110

Two Smaller areas simultaneously such as love handles £180


Two larger simultaneous areas such as muffin tops £240


Instant Inch loss Cavitation 


One session of Cavitation for 40 minutes £110


One Cavitation & RF £170 for 1 hour


Cavitation with a recommended course of 8 treatments £704


Cavitation with Radio Frequency course of 8 treatments£1,088



Cellulite reduction

 Cavitation, Radio Frequency & Dermology (MLD) 

Fat removal, skin tightening and excess fluid removal to improve the surface appearance of the skin of thighs, hip, buttocks.


One treatment £150

Recommended course of 8 Treatments £960